Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bering Sea Gold The Hit TV Show News Update.

This episode of Bering Sea Gold it is July in Nome, Alaska and Emily and Zeke are on "The Clark" as Emily drops the anchor, she falls overboard. Fortunately, she comes right up from the 40 degree water and Zeke has several changes of clothing. After 15 minutes of Emily's icy plunge, Zeke is below just as the swell starts to pick up, making Emily seasick. She toughs it out and Zeke goes below again.

On "Wild Ranger" it's been problems with the hot water to the dredging suit and now in port awaiting a part, they check the sluice box for gold from the last trip. Scott, the captain breaks the cardinal rule by checking the gold without the entire crew aboard. Steve shows up an hour and a half late and gives Scott grief for checking the box without him. This is the boat's gold, not just the captain's.

Deckhand Scott is out on the "Sluicey" alone while Ian watches from shore. Scott has been a dredger for his whole life, Ian only started a year ago, even though he is the owner of the dredge. Something goes wrong with the dredge and the rocks start pummeling him while he is under water.

On the "Christine Rose" Shawn is working the dredger for hours on end in severe pain. Shawn calls for a shift change and his dad and Cody come to the dredge. As Shawn's dad takes the helm of the digger, he makes a bet with Cody to see who can come up with the biggest amount of gold. Although Steve won, he was proud of Cody and will elevate him to deck boss.

On the "Wild Ranger" there are still crew problems; Scott is not an easy guy to work for, but his crew does not respect him either. At the clean-up shack, Steve finally arrives. Scott dictates to his crew and Steve tells him that his captaincy sucks, he then sends Scott away, but he refuses to leave until the owner, Vern gives him the official toss, which he does via phone and Steve finally leaves.

A storm rolls into Nome and all dredging stops. Time to check their earnings of Bering Sea Gold:

"Christine Rose" found 98 ounces for $166,000.

Despite all the repairs, the "Sluicey" still found 2 ounces worth $3,400.

The "Wild Ranger" adds more trouble by only finding a quarter of an ounce of gold worth $400.

"The Clark" found almost three and a half ounces and Zeke gave Emily a check for $3,700 so she could go to Vienna, Austria to study for her master's degree.

The "Sluicey" boys and Zeke and Emily go to the hot springs to unwind and talk about their adventures under water. As the episode ends, the Jeep with Emily and Zeke overturns and all viewers can hear is Zeke asking Emily if she is alright.

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